The evening rolls around. You're calling it a day after a long day's work.


"Echo, I'm going to bed. Wake me at 8 a.m."


Then, as if by magic.... your environment changes.


The lights gradually filter to a warm color tone to calm you, the exterior doors lock, security measures activate, the window shades shut gradually, the ceiling fan over the bed starts a cool breeze, the temperature adjusts to help you sleep, power-saving mode turns on, your Pandora Wind Down radio station starts and plays for a bit and fades off as you do. Sleep well.


Then, a few minutes before your desired wake up time, soft light slowly fills your room as the shades open gradually, the lights ramp up, first from warm to day and then brighter to bring you into the new day. You smell the coffee brewing on the bar, your curated news briefing plays thru the speakers throughout the Master Suite, then your chosen Pandora station takes over to get you pumped up for the morning.


          You live well, enjoy your day!

& live with...

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Let us help you get started with Alexa Voice Control, Bluesound music, High Resolution Audio, Nest Smart Interior Protection, Ring Video Doorbell + Perimeter Protection Cameras , August Smart Locks and Lutron Lighting control in your connected home. A good place to start is with a Harmony Remote or step up to RTI…

You’ll be living well in no time!

The “Smart Home” has been a dream for decades and for just a few wealthy individuals, it has been a reality

for the last 15 years more or less.


Well, now just about anyone can afford

to start making their home smart!

If you’re in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale or the surrounding areas, our team can install any smart home device for you. Either one that we provide or anything that you already own as well. Also, things like a new 8K HDR TV, surround sound system, wireless house music system, modern Wi-Fi network

and much more.


We make it easy for you.


We have the experience, the dedication and best of all,

we keep it affordable and simple to use!

 We have forged relationships with these fine companies to deliver their products in packages for you, install them and set-up them up with high performance, reliability and total ease of use in mind.
HideIT Mounts
August Smart Lock PRO & Connect WiFi
Logitech Harmony
Ring Doorbell
Nest Pro
Amazon Alexa
RTI Brochure

what's a video worth? 4K?

IF a picture is worth 1K words,

Let's find out, click something!

Watch “Smart Home” Technology in Action!

Add music, movies, thermostats, cameras, and more to your home…all easily controlled by your Voice, iPhone, iPad or Android device.


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Save Energy (& Money) effortlessly & comfortably!

we're a

Smart Home, Made Simple.

All Together Now!

Brilliant replaces any existing light switch with smart controls everyone in the home

and can easily access and use directly from the wall.


The RING OF SECURITY - your eyes, ears and voice!

Alexa, we need a little help over at the house...

Universal Voice Remote 

But wait, there's more!
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Keep the bad guys at bay, they prefer to prey on the vigilant person's neighbor.
Talk to Burglars while they are still Outside your Home
Make it seem like you're home, even when you are miles away!


without advance security, nothing is protected or safe. 

There are a few constants that we all live with:

  1. There are looming threats that we need to understand, face & deal with

  2. Action is always better than Re-action

  3. Reaction is always brought on by Inaction

          (poor planning, incomplete preparation & undisciplined vigilance)

There are five areas that we focus on.

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eero cloud updates


We all need to take prudent and effective measures to shield ourselves, our families and our investments from these very real threats.
To do less is simply foolish.

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(well almost)

We know that you love what technology can do for you...

but only when it's working smoothly.

Careful consideration of your needs and situation

can provide a signifcantly better expeience for you and your family.

We’re not here to sell you. We're here to solve problems.

The magic happens when our goals are aligned, when our best intentions are aligned with your  needs and concerns, when the service instinct kicks in and long-term satisfaction exeeds short-term urgency.

It’s such a different conversation.

Of course, it's the doing, not the saying that matters most. All we ask of you is the favor to let us show you how we work and what we can do for you.

Thru our optional TechCare support and maintenance service,

we will be there with you for the long term, to help, maintain and to serve. 

Check it out below.

It’s about working with you in a genuine way.

Helping you get to a working solution. 

So, when you are ready to remove most of the frustration that technology can cause, click on the MAKE APPOINTMENT button below, so we can get this whole thing figured out. 

Schedule Today! We Come to You!
We will stop by at a specific time (no hours long windows), we will discuss your issues, what you want, what will work best for you and strike a deal right then and there and get you on the schedule to put it all in within a week's time. We will then be back with all your gear, get it installed and running smoothly and stay as long as it takes to make sure you are comfortable with everything. We will, we promise!

When we are all done, we're not done...

We welcome you into our                family,

our baseline managed service package is included with all                         systems. This valuable package is

one of the best Support, Maintenance & Update programs

available to the civilian population.

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We have a limited number of our
Enterprise and Executive Care Memberships Available! 
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