Traditional Audio / Video Systems

Music & Video

This is what brought us to the party!
and what really keeps us here.
Without entertainment,
all of this is just boring. 

There are four areas that we focus on.

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Live TV

The home entertainment marketplace is advancing. New tech and new media delivery channels have given us so many choices, it's hard to keep up..

Multi-room Music.

The Hi-Res Way.

TV when it's on. Art when it's off.
Artwork, television, movies, and memories - The Frame showcases them all on a beautiful QLED screen. Every piece of content is accented by a customizable, stylish bezel that seamlessly complements your home’s décor.

The Finest HiFi Systems available in Arizona

When music is an important part of your life and you are ready to step up

to the next level, check out our serious HiFi offering,

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Ask us about our Custom Garage Outfitter service, GarageGEAR of AZ

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